Our Software

Our Software

NDI Recognition Systems’ state-of-the-art software solutions are both field and client driven and designed to make it easier for our customers to do their jobs and do business with us.

At NDI, when we launch new software programs, we know we have taken our time, met with our customers throughout the design process, and delivered a solid working product. By approaching our R&D this way, we don’t waste money on failed ideas. Instead, we take calculated risks and introduce new industry solutions with incredible longevity.

NDI Recognition Systems’ software solutions provide benefits such as:

  • Standard and customized reporting capabilities
  • Synchronization of local and national hotlist databases
  • Whitelist database customization
  • Analytical reporting in user-friendly formats
  • Real-time intelligence reporting
  • Command dispatch integration



Parking Enforcement Management

PlateParQ™ is ideal for car park management, supermarket and shopping centers, military stations, and public safety personnel.



In-vehicle Recognition

VeriPlate® Mobile ALPR Software from NDI Recognition Systems® provides a simple, easy-to-use visual representation of everything the ALPR engine is processing. VeriPlate software presents recognitions and alerts to the user while other components of the NDI ALPR solution ensure the collected data is retained in the in-vehicle database.



Neural Networking Technology

The TALON® Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) engine is the heart and soul of NDI Recognition Systems® solutions. Designed with Neural Networking Technology, TALON is a powerful, solid performing, recognition engine which provides license plate read accuracy and unprecedented speed.



Back Office (BOF)

The Vehicle Intelligence Server and Communications Engine (VISCE®) is a web-enabled system with the ability to sit as a cloud-based or on-premise Back Office (BOF) service for NDI Recognition Systems® and other third party Automatic License Plate Recognition solutions. VISCE provides the analytics and detailed reporting needed for actionable intelligence planning.



Communication Layer

NdiTx by NDI Recognition Systems® is a Windows®-based communication layer where all NDI Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) data transfers begin. Reliable and proven LPR data from VeriPlate® and VISCE® to the NDI Back Office (BOF) begins with NdiTx, sending UTMC compliant recognitions and providing an end-to-end communication solution from one trusted provider.