Mobile Systems


Mobile Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Solutions from NDI Recognition Systems® help organizations improve productivity, generate revenue and increase safety for the community. NDI’s ALPR systems are ideal for tactical operations and providing flexibility to your organization.

Mounted on a vehicle, a mobile ALPR system reads plate images, including colors and characters, and stores all the data from multiple lanes of traffic while the vehicle is being driven or parked as vehicles are passing. Data collected can then be analyzed and stored. Mobile ALPR solutions from NDI can be used for identifying uninsured vehicles, crime hotspots, criminal warrants, persons of interest and criminal investigations. Mobile ALPR is also suited for parking enforcement management and when a vehicle is patrolling parking zones or publicly accessed areas.

NDI Recognition Systems’ mobile solutions provide benefits such as:

  • Easy installation resulting in minimal disruption in fleet productivity
  • Automatically capture license plate images and process against hotlists faster than if done manually, saving time and resources
  • Ability to read stacked and special characters and capture plate reads regardless of city or state
  • Read and return accurate images regardless of environmental conditions



131mm x 86mm x 54mm (5.1” x 3.4” x 2.1”)

The TGX-P mini ALPR Processor from NDI Recognition Systems® is designed to interface with license plate recognition cameras, such as the V230 low profile in-car system. The TGX-P supports up to two ALPR Cameras (4 video channels) with integrated camera interface.



85mm x 227mm x 191mm (107 x 248 x 191 w / vibration mount)

The NDI Recognition Systems® ruggedized VP-400 mobile or fixed ALPR processor is engineered to support up to four dual-channel ALPR cameras and withstand extreme weather conditions and the demands of a law enforcement vehicle such as, voltage fluctuation, vibration and shock.



89mm x 116mm x 45mm (93 x 116 x 59 w / Bracket)

The V230 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera from NDI Recognition Systems® is a fixed focal-length, dual IR and color overview camera with a high-powered LED illuminator, enclosed in a low-profile, compact housing that is ideal for mobile and covert applications and where space is limited.