Customer Support


Customer Support

At NDI Recognition Systems, you’ll find our people have an intense level of customer focus. It’s not just the person on the other end of the telephone line or in a live chat. It’s everyone from our engineers who build product solutions to our technical specialists who install them.

Customer Support, for us, begins at the conference table when we collaborate and discuss how we want to help make our customer’s cities and communities safer. With NDI-RS, you’ll never be left behind. We’ll always be right there with you.

Technical Support

At NDI Recognition Systems, every product is fully supported by our own experienced technical assistants who are ready to provide you with the technical information you need to get the most from your ALPR systems.

NDI’s Support Center is available via phone, email or web and can assist with the following:

  • On-call emergency support
  • Providing easy-to-read user manuals
  • Scheduling on-site training programs, product installations and site visits for no-cost consultations
  • Troubleshooting hardware or software challenges
  • Technical and applications advice from the experts and engineers who developed the products
  • Monitoring of customer ALPR software solutions to ensure system continuity

Field Support

Need an experienced professional for an expert solution? NDI Recognition Systems’ skilled field engineers are at the ready to assist you with on-site maintenance and applications support. It’s our number one goal to keep your ALPR system running reliably and efficiently at all times. From new product installations to system upgrades and troubleshooting, our specialists come to you with a wealth of knowledge on ALPR systems and are part of the same team of  industry professionals who developed all of NDI Recognition Systems’ products

On-Site Training

NDI’s on-site training program is designed to instruct our customers in the operation of purchased NDI hardware and software. The training classes are planned for each trainee to obtain valuable hands on application exposure. Each customized training class will educate users on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), best practices and maneuvers for optimal plate reads and techniques for analyzing and presenting system findings.

All training is instructed by highly-skilled ALPR experts. Duration of training depends on size and location of trainee’s system(s).

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