Portable Systems


NDI Recognition Systems’ Portable Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Systems feature ultra-mobile configurations of Veriplate®, the most trusted and advanced ALPR software solution available.

The Road Warrior® ALPR system captures all license plate images, reads the data and wirelessly alerts assets, including patrol vehicles, covert, undercover vehicles and handheld devices. The systems integrate with geo-fencing applications and are powered by heavy-duty, deep-cell batteries augmented by solar panels. Under most environmental conditions, the ALPR trailer can run up to seven days without recharging. Available in both speed and variable message models.

NDI Recognition Systems’ portable solutions provide benefits such as:
• Solar panels augment power for extended battery life
• Ability to read stacked and special characters and plate reads regardless of city or state
• Accurate images regardless of environmental conditions
• Provides speed limit enforcement while covertly reading license plates