How ALPR Works

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR). ALPR is a system of cameras and supporting software and server engines that capture license plate information and instantly compares plate numbers to a database of wanted criminals or persons of interest. ALPR is also used in the commercial industry for parking management, gated communities, and gas stations. It’s even being tested with the fast-food restaurant industry as a source of data intelligence for customer analysis.

ALPR cameras scan thousands of license plates in the same amount of time it takes an actual person to scan a hundred. When a license plate image is compared against a hotlist or whitelist and matched, an alert is signaled and the screen shows the vehicle and the reason for the alert. In the case of a whitelist, it provides the approval that the license plate/vehicle is approved to be in the location.

Every day thousands of cars travel our roadways.

For Law Enforcement, license plate technology has become a force multiplier simply because it can scan tags with the camera system at a faster pace than the average officer or deputy could do in a single day.

While ALPR does not replace the intuitive skills of a police officer, it does act as a supplement, silently running in the background, to be on the lookout alongside an officer. Additionally, ALPR helps reduce budget constraints and allows agencies to utilize their resources more strategically.

Seamless Integration

NDI ALPR camera systems integrate with our VeriPlate®, VISCE® and/or PlateParQ™ software programs to provide instant alerts such as, criminal warrants, persons of interest, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, restraining orders, sexual predators, gang members, Amber and Silver alerts, and more. 

ALPR systems can be placed at fixed points within a community. Automatically scanning every license plate which passes a set point. A fixed, or static, system allows for specific areas of interest to be constantly monitored. 24/7. 365 days. The systems can also be mounted to vehicles for patrol or mobile applications. Whether installing to the vehicle’s trunk, roof, hood or grill, ALPR mobile applications provide flexibility. For customers looking for a covert solution, the ALPR Road Warrior™ delivers speed and traffic enforcement through MPH and VMS systems in addition to reading license plates.

Applications for Use

  • Amber Alerts
  • Criminal Warrants
  • Persons of Interest
  • Auto Theft
  • Uninsured Vehicle
  • Hotspot/Geo Monitoring
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Pattern and Organized Crime
  • Parking and Zone Management
  • Data Analysis

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